About Us

I started Lilliput Miniatures in 1998 as a hobby to keep me busy in my retirement.

My first pieces were reproductions of Tudor Furniture in 1/12 scale. The word soon spread that I was making unique collectable pieces and the furniture was soon in high demand.

Attending Miniature Shows around Australia I realised that I was going to be very busy in my retirement.

It wasn't long before I was asked to make similar pieces in 1/24 scale. The 1/48 scale pieces soon followed.

All the Furniture I make is handcrafted from carefully selected hardwoods primarily Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash and Beech, sourced from sustainable forests.

Each piece is then 'Distressed', the hard bit, Stained and Hand Oiled to achieve an authentic finish typical of the Tudor, Medieval and Elizabethan periods.

I was soon persuaded to add a few accessories. The few, soon became many and I became a one stop shop for Furniture and accessories in all three scales.

I think it was inevitable that the time came when the Furniture needed a Home.  Originally in 1/24 scale, I accepted the challenge and I made several Houses, Inns and Shops in 1/48 scale.

The demand was such that I decided to become a full time Miniaturist. A decision that I have never regretted. I  now only work on commisioned Houses, Furniture and Accessories. A record of the progress of the Building is supplied as well as a Brass plaque with the new owners name and signed by Lilliput.  

The Houses have progressed and now have Smoking Chimneys, Flickering Lights and the Cows now 'Moo' and the Chickens 'Cluck'. Remote control is an optional extra.

Living on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland it's hard the drag myself from the beaches to supply another Collectable to it's new owner.

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